Women's Financial Goals

Putney Financial Group understand that many women, in addition to holding down demanding jobs, are the primary caregivers to children and often aging parents. Women are household organizers and cleaners. They are food shippers, menu planners and cooks. That old adage; men work from sun to sunset, but women’s work is never done has perhaps never been more true.  So, financial goals for women may be different that for men.

We believe women view money and wealth differently.

  • Women tend not to accumulate money for its own sake but view it as a way to care for themselves and their families, improve their lives and ensure security.
  • Women do not need financial products and services that offer access to complex methods but rather short-term simplicity and long term stability.
  • Women want solutions that help them with their day to day and month to month finances.
  • Women want to be educated and learn more about budgeting , saving and long term financial planning.
  • Women want more resources to take care of their family.