Anchoring your financial security and growth

The Putney Financial Group strives to achieve superior investment results for each of our clients by implementing strategies consistent with their individual goals, objectives, and risk tolerance. We manage separate customized portfolios for each of our clients. Our primary investment focus is on asset allocation across a range of asset classes. 

We build portfolios using an open architecture of non-proprietary investment products that suit individual client needs. These may range from traditional investments like stocks and bonds, mutual funds, and insurance to alternative investments.

At Putney, we take a holistic approach to creating secure financial futures.  We will also structure appropriate insurance solutions to meet our client’s need for financial risk management. As an independent Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) Firm, there is no pressure to sell proprietary products in our firm; we are consistently putting your financial and personal needs first.  When considering investment options, we take into account our clients’ social values and preferences for companies they feel are improving the world at large and making an impact.

At Putney, we believe that it is in the area of major financial decisions that we add the most value, and where our impact is the most significant.  Examples include: counseling of multi-generations, addressing the timing of retirement, analysis of a new business opportunity, deciding whether to sell a residence or buy a second one, helping to navigate the income tax implications of stock options and the complexities of employee benefit plans.